#WirBleibenZuhause: Scholz & Friends communicates the coronavirus crisis on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Health

#WirBleibenZuhause: Scholz & Friends communicates the coronavirus crisis on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Health

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the German Federal Ministry of Health has been advocating for protective measures and educating the public via a nationwide mobilisation and information campaign. In just a few days, the communication marked with the hashtag #wirbleibenzuhause (we’re staying home) successfully reached an audience of billions and garnered unparalleled support.

From Günther Jauch and Udo Lindenberg to Kati Witt and Matthias Schweighöfer, over the past weeks innumerable prominent public figures have presented themselves as part of #wirbleibenzuhause. Uniting them all is the symbolic gesture for staying at home: a roof formed by pointing their hands together over their heads. Launched on social media, the campaign snowballed rapidly with TV channels taking up the hashtag along with Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and German newspaper publishers with their “Wir bleiben zuhause” poster campaign.

Günther Jauch und Udo Lindenberg als Testimonials für #wirbleibenzuhause für das BMG


Planning and realisation of the coronavirus communication across all channels was overseen by Scholz & Friends together with Cosmonauts & Kings. This included daily updated informational posts on social media in addition to the campaign itself. To pull this off, Cosmonauts & Kings created a digital storage hub from which content could be activated for the existing channels of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as new channels like LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram and TikTok. Tasks also included continual monitoring of social media communication in order to guarantee a swift response in real time to fake news posts and ongoing developments in the issue itself.

All information and aid offers are bundled centrally via the website zusammengegencorona.de,  which Scholz & Friends developed together with its sister agency deepblue and whose content Scholz & Friends oversees.

The #wirbleibenzuhause campaign reaches the German public via social media, daily newspapers, digital out-of-home measures and nationwide TV and radio commercials. It will continue to be developed as the ongoing situation with respect to coronavirus progresses.



Scholz & Friends 

Project oversight, strategy and concept development:
Stefan Wegner (Managing Director) and Dr Daniel Völker (Managing Director)

Matthias Spaetgens (Executive Creative), Marc Ebenwaldner (Art), Peter Quester (Copy), Mirko Derpmann (CD), Marie Walendy, Stephan Linsert, Sheryl Hartmann and their teams

Account management:
Martin Matte (Strategy Director Agenda), Christian Krüger, Sarah Dahm, Anne-Katrin Lukas, Lena Thieme, Miles Lindsay and their teams

Frank Wolfram (Chief Digital Officer)

Production commercial / film, radio, TV:
Daniel Klessig (director/Head of film, radio, TV), Michaela Edl, David Voss, Agostino de Martino

Final artwork / digital photo editing:
Metagate: Sascha Kopatsch, Carola Georgi and team

Cosmonauts & Kings

Project oversight, strategy and concept development: Juri Schnöller (Managing Director)
Digital content: Simon Bölts
Digital target group communication: Stephan Bürkle
Data & analysis: Lennart Krotzek

deepblue networks AG

Head of Development: Pierre Groth
Development: Nico Bressler, Petra Emsbach, Jasper Elbeshausen, Carina Grabke
UX concept: Timon Hass
UI design: Fabian Heussner
Project management: Martina Horn
MD: Heiko Quant
Team Lead: Hilke Hartmann


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