The PayPal Xmas Games

The PayPal Xmas Games

The PayPal social-media highlight

Social Media Director Mihai Zamfirescu presents the PayPal Xmas Games:

“Before the concept for this year’s PayPal Christmas campaign was even developed, one thing was already clear: the campaign’s basis should reflect what today most distinguishes our customers and the social-media field: thought leadership, user-centricity and diversity.

The insight

Teamwork, innovation, inclusion and diversity – these are principles that not only fundamentally define PayPal and us as an agency but have also have constituted the basis of the social network from the beginning. We wanted to establish these values within our community too – using a format with Christmas entertainment and appeal – to such an extent that it was correspondingly easy making the decision to go live with a unique game approach and at the same time challenge the community in a direct and unfiltered way.

The idea

To counteract the flood of banal Advent calendars and do justice to our belief in user-centric social-media management, we offer our community entertainment and brand expertise in its finest form without forgetting the Christmas touch while doing so: that is what the PayPal Xmas Games, our Christmas games on Facebook and Facebook Live, stand for. These see our presenter surprising the users from Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. with live games that not only require interaction but are also a great deal of fun:

There are the Santa Challenges, our Monday format, in which we set our PayPal Santa amusing tasks that he can only solve with the help of the viewers. In the PayPal Xmas Quizzes every Wednesday, our community has to solve exciting puzzles to win coveted prizes. Last but not least the PayPal Xmas Crime Stories, the world’s first live crime thrillers, see our fans having to themselves find the culprit every Friday by listening to our live recordings and solving the case. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we keep our users on their toes with strongly engaging post games.

The results

Now, in the middle of the campaign, we are observing an explosion in engagement, reactions, user-generated content and joy within our community. The campaign has already reached more than 15 million users, who have interacted with the brand more than 500,000(!) times and have so far been able to follow more than ten hours of live-streamed content. But the Games are not over yet and they continue until Christmas; it is certainly a thrilling time. What is also definitely clear is that we really have managed to set the PayPal community in motion and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to accompany the process!”


Credits: Scholz & Friends Berlin

Managing Director: Daniel Ackermann
Social Media Director: Mihai Zamfirescu
Social Media concept & management: Anike Dircks, Gesina Demes
Account management: Jana Huth, Josef Höhnow, Julia Fröde, Lina Hinze
Art direction: Roberto Vietello, Christoph Henschel, Anke-Vera Zink
Strategy: Bettina Lange
Art buying: Kerstin Mende
Production: Redpinata Video Content Produktion


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