A matrix for the brand


The Scholz & Friends Strategy Group develops brand concepts that combine creative excellence with a distinctive understanding of your business aims. As Germany’s largest integrated strategy unit, we support brands from all industries, from DAX companies to medium-sized enterprises.

Brands are no longer encountered by their target group linearly. They are discovered by consumers via an increasing number of touchpoints: advertising in analogue and digital environments, through content and PR, on packaging and in sales pitches. Our brand strategies see to it that the many individual measures nevertheless form part of a big overall picture and result in familiarity, popularity and sales.

Creative brand stories right from the beginning

Our strategists, who are integrated into the Orchestra of Ideas, always develop creative and holistic solutions that respond to the challenge posed by the respective brand. Our strategic consultancy department is not only involved right at the beginning of a brand process; it also supports the implementation and evaluates the results. The award of numerous prizes for efficiency in previous years is evidence of success; this include the Effie in gold for “Umparken im Kopf” (U-turn in your head). The Scholz & Friends Strategy Group also offers its services to companies that exclusively require strategic advice and do not wish to task Scholz & Friends with implementation.


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