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Scholz & Friends Purpose

Scholz & Friends Purpose are the specialists for all questions related to a company’s vision, mission and reason for being. We help companies and organisations to define their purpose and bring it to life.

Our team of consultants – comprising experienced brand and enterprise experts – creates a custom-tailored process, from research and purpose workshops to deriving concrete implications for a company’s transformation and communication.

When developing concrete measures for implementing the purpose strategy, we can also leverage the consolidated power of the entire Scholz & Friends agency network, covering PR, design, development of digital services and content marketing, among others. We ensure that your company’s purpose becomes more than just an abstract strategy.

Our focus when developing your company purpose

“You know it’s purpose-driven when a purpose actually drives you and your business.”

Be it vision, mission, business or brand purpose, our approach is always about transformation and not mere academic definitions. A business purpose – just as a mission or vision – articulates what it is your company and emloyees want to change for the better. Knowing what you want to change in the world helps mobilise all the company’s energies for a goal that is relevant both for business and society at large. If there’s nothing the company wants to do differently, a purpose won’t be very useful. And neither will a vision or a mission.

How we define business purpose

For a start, there’s our own business purpose to take as an example:

Scholz & Friends Purpose.
We mobilise companies for something that matters.

When clients come to us looking to develop a mission, vision or brand purpose, we dedicate ourselves to setting energies within the company free and bringing them together. A purpose should not be a forced compromise which is unable to move people or provide clear guidance.

We also set great store by not falling into the “purpose-washing” trap. All the mission and purpose statements we develop are founded on concrete business relevance and are not simply lip service to a good cause. Which is why we define our work explicitly as a business purpose.

Our services:

Together with our clients, our strategists circumspectly and systematically develop a purpose definition, and in some cases a vision or mission definition as well. In most cases, a corresponding implementation strategy is also subsequently developed. Combined, these elements will guide the company into a clearly oriented business and brand transformation process. Our range of tools is calibrated so as to achieve a usable result that can be applied not only to communication but to all company activities. We thus greatly enjoy working with clients who want to initiate actual changes in their company and who are seeking a clear orientation for the ways they go about it. If desired, we can also accompany the client throughout all the subsequent implementation steps as well.

We cover the entire spectrum of services for a business purpose project:

  • Set-up: project and process planning, involvement of all relevant stakeholders, consulting and recommendations on application of company vision, company mission, brand purpose and business purpose.
  • Analysis: comprehensive status quo analysis, qualitative research and interview formats tailored to purpose definition, trend and environment analyses, etc.
  • Market research / internal research: if needed, we carry out additional qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Workshops on purpose, vision, mission: development and selection of business purpose together with the client.
  • Strategy: derivation of areas for action and recommendations with respect to the company transformation, brand management and communication that result from the new business purpose.
  • Communication: if desired, development of a communication strategy and corresponding internal and external communication measures.
  • CSR: a business or brand purpose does not necessarily have to be oriented toward corporate social responsibility or sustainability! Should that be the case, however: Scholz & Friends Reputation brings to the table topical expertise that is absolutely one of a kind in the German agency landscape.

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