Trade marketing

Efficiency across all markets

Trade marketing

Scholz & Friends is the expert when it comes to supporting retail clients. We develop and organise holistic brand and marketing strategies – from ATL campaigns, branding and literature to the point of sale and packaging.

Whether it concerns the market in general, the procurement market, a competitive market or the internal market, we always look at the big picture. Scholz & Friends cleanly and efficiently directs the highly complex processes in trade marketing with the help of digital marketing tools. This is how we have been supporting the Tchibo brand for more than 25 years in its international expansion course.

Catering mediators

Scholz & Friends also has 20 representatives working externally in the field that ensure brands are optimally presented and marketed in the catering industry. As a point of sale, communication and consumption, the catering sector is an important advertising platform for many industries.


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