Live communication to experience


Scholz & Friends showcases brands and messages. Creative events make it possible to experience the Orchestra of Ideas live. Tailored campaign communication can unfold its full potential and embed its core messages in the minds of its target group long term.

The Scholz & Friends events team is responsible for concept development, planning and realisation of Group events of all kinds – from small press conferences to conventions to large-scale brand events. Their range of services comprises marketing and PR events as well as trade fair appearances, product launches, IPOs, road shows and exhibitions.

As a full-service agency, Scholz & Friends can handle all tasks of a classic event management provider. And then some: events and promotions are naturally fully integrated into the Orchestra of Ideas. Such integration allows for entire campaigns to be designed as a live experience right from the start. Events closely coordinated with potential moving image or content productions further enhance a brand’s communicative value added.

Creative event expertise for sustainable communication

Scholz & Friends develops a custom-tailored concept for each event as well as a closely choreographed scenography. The brand’s central theme is translated into an event staging that generates experience-oriented, multimedial and interactive integration for visitors. By creating events with high staying power, Scholz & Friends makes key campaign content something for people to experience live and enables sustained communicative impact.

All concepts are closely dovetailed and harmonised with other instruments of the Orchestra.

Scholz & Friends Group is one of the leading creative agency groups in the German-speaking world and, as the “Orchestra of Ideas”, unites all communication instruments under one roof. In addition to our German offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf, the network operates in other European markets.

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