Employer branding

Find the right employees and keep them with employer branding

Employer branding

Scholz & Friends advises companies regarding the establishment of strong employer brands: from the positioning and internal implementation to the orchestrated communication of the employer brand.

Why employer branding? More and more companies are searching desperately for employees and failing to fill roles. What is more, many companies’ employees do not feel a sense of loyalty toward their employer and are as a result significantly more likely to change employer or be unproductive. In the increasingly competitive war for talent, it is essential that companies position themselves as attractive employers with regard to current and potential employees. Companies can use successful employer branding to increase their appeal among applicants and bind employees to the company emotionally.

Become an attractive employer brand through holistic employer branding

We offer a holistic solution for the establishment of a contemporary employer brand and support clients throughout the employer branding process: from the development of the employer value proposition to internal employer branding and external employer branding measures. That also includes employer positioning, internal implementation, orchestrated communication, digital recruiting and process consulting and change management.

In order to optimally advise companies, we have developed a range of tools for the purpose of employer branding. Our compass that determines the strengths of an employer, a digital feedback tool, for example, enables an employer’s strengths from the employees’ point of view to be ascertained quickly and effectively.

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