Corporate responsibility

More than a question of good taste

Corporate responsibility

Scholz & Friends advises leading companies with the goal of integrating sustainability with a vision. We provide a unique spectrum of expertise ranging from early strategic orientation to long-term sustainability management.

Corporate responsibility is an essential component of business today. Today’s globally networked world includes critical consumers that want goods and services to be supplied in a responsible manner. They demand brands communicate in a way that no longer involves well-meant advertising slogans. We help companies to respond to these new demands and develop strategic approaches that guarantee a long-term competitive advantage now and in the future.

Well-meant words are not enough

Scholz & Friends develops integrated sustainability concepts that apply to all areas of companies. Our services range from creating data collection systems to stakeholder management and reliable sustainability communication. 2017 will see the introduction of mandatory reporting across Europe. We have therefore expanded our expertise to be able to offer the companies we support CSR reports that conform with EU standards.


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