New campaign for the Opel Insignia

New campaign for the Opel Insignia

The Insignia is the flagship of the new era of the Opel brand. Its launch campaign is the first under the new slogan “Die Zukunft gehört allen” (The future is everyone’s), which was also developed by Scholz & Friends and presented today in Rüsselsheim. The campaigns message is that if the future is to be everyone’s, the business sector needs a new way of leading.



Like a trailer for a blockbuster movie, the film for the campaign builds up tension and makes the viewer curious about the technology and design of the new Opel Insignia. The lights flicker. We see Jürgen Klopp, in profile, looking forward with a decisive set to his jaw. There it is – the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport. A car for people who make waves with their modern, new leadership style. Casually dressed in a hoodie, Liverpool coach and Opel brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp watches young street football players – and is laid into right away: “Suchst du Ärger, Mann?” “Nee, nur Talent.” (You lookin’ for trouble, bro? Nope, just talent.) New leadership means pressing determinedly forward towards the goal, inspiring and taking everyone with you. Inclusive, humanising, inspiring. Because if the future belongs to everyone, then everyone should be able to help shape it. People who think and act like the protagonists of the Insignia campaign.

Niels Alzen, Chief Creative Officer of Scholz & Friends, is the creative mind behind the campaign: “The Insignia isn’t a car meant for autocrats! In a world where some would prefer to have all the power, this is a strong, highly topical message. With our campaign for the new Opel flagship, we want to promote the adoption of a more inclusive leadership style.”

“Leading technology for everyone. That is exactly what our products embody, in particular the new Insignia – designed, developed and manufactured in Rüsselsheim. It is the product of German engineering expertise and at the same time drastically revises the traditional image: our flagship offers absolutely premium technological features that until now had only been available in luxury class vehicles. Conventional limits? They are meant to be overcome – because the future is everyone’s,” comments Head of Marketing at Opel Tina Müller.

With target group-specific messages and very special “guiding tips”, the campaign communicates what the new generation of Insignia stands for on social-media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn. Advice like “The boss always has the last word. It’s ‘thank you’.” show with a wink that when you work as a team your success is greater. And that’s exactly what the new Opel Insignia is. It makes a sporty, elegant impression, is jam-packed with technology and at the same time embraces the art of casual understatement.

Further strengths the newcomer has to offer can be discovered online. Users can view the total of six product films on such channels as and YouTube and experience how the new Insignia with AGR premium ergonomic seats or automatic boot offers business class luxury and thanks to its various assistants like automatic hazard braking including pedestrian recognition makes safety its top priority. Plus, it has the first-class network capabilities with IntelliLink and smartphone integration that are standard for Opel as well as Opel OnStar, including new services such as making hotel reservations and finding parking spots.

The 360° communication campaign for the new Insignia can be viewed starting today on all channels, from TV and radio to website and social media to print ads and large-scale out-of-home posters.


Voice-over in campaign film:
There’s a new leadership.
They have authority, but aren’t authoritarian.
They don’t believe in power, but in the power of making.
They can take a blow and come out punching stronger.

They have calculus, but trust their feelings.
They lead the way and leave no one behind.
The new Insignia.
German technology for everyone.
– The future is everyone’s. –



CMO: Tina Müller
Director Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications: Tobias Gubitz
Director Global Media & Digital Marketing: Björn Osterndorff

Chief Creative Officer: Niels Alzen
Executive Creative Directors: Christian Fritsche, Jonas Keller
Creative Directors Art: Alexander Gutt, Christian Jakimowitsch
Senior Art Directors: Felix Umbach, Vanessa Iff
Junior Art Director Digital: Phillip Spengler
Junior Art Directors: Matthias Walbroel, Silja Wolters
Senior Copywriter: Johannes Milhoffer
Copywriters: Nicolas Egeler, Jennifer Liddell

Account management
Chief International Officer: Dr Percy Smend
Client Service Director: Kathrin Stelzer
Management Supervisor: Meike Bösche
Account Director: Bernd Batke
Account Manager: Christian Jäschke
Junior Account Managers: Leonie Geyer, Mira Rieken

Henning Schröder, Carena Bongertz, Alexander Jordan

Film, radio, TV
Head of Production: Christoph Köhler

Art Buying
Head of Art Buying: Kerstin Mende

International coordination
Damaris Kuzminski, Tiina Kousa, Ken Young, Sergio Ruiz

Film production: Tempomedia

Post-production: NHB

Media: Carat