Scholz & Friends Possible developing international campaign with new online selector for the Opel Black Edition

Scholz & Friends Possible developing international campaign with new online selector for the Opel Black Edition

Configuring a new car online has always been an arduous undertaking – a complicated UX and innumerable combinations of features often lead to prospective customers aborting the configuration. To address this problem, Opel and Scholz & Friends POSSIBLE are taking a smart approach by linking sales and marketing in the newly developed Selector: this innovative, greatly simplified configurator shortens the journey from the online search to a local dealer and will form the heart of a Europe-wide campaign that also includes TV commercials, online films, ads and social media content. The campaign is directed at the markets in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Portugal and Austria, where the Black Edition is available.


The campaign’s sights were set high: make buying a car as easy as possible while radically shortening the journey from awareness to sale. The result is the launch of the new Mokka X, Astra and Corsa Black Edition models, which are versions of Opel’s bestsellers that offer black design elements and innovative features. On the microsite created for the special-edition models, the vehicles are presented to users in a particularly UX-friendly way thanks to a newly developed selection tool called the Selector.

The Selector is the modern and user-friendly version of a car configurator and gives a glimpse of how cars will be bought in the future: with just a few clicks and simple, transparent processes oriented on the specific needs of individual target groups. And thus, a sales idea became an entire campaign. The campaign shortens the sales journey and accelerates the purchase decision. By doing so, Opel is taking an important step towards further digitalisation of dealer distribution systems. Notable, too, is the fact that the product range was selected and individualised based on country-specific customer data.

“These days hardly anyone wants to click through innumerable package and feature options in a configurator for hours to buy a car,” explains Christopher Menzel, Client Service Director at POSSIBLE Germany. “We managed to considerably reduce the complexity of the customer experience in the Selector: the range structure was simplified, selection was made easier and the price-performance ratio thereby became more transparent. This allows a prospective Opel buyer to be guided to the purchase decision in an uncomplicated and streamlined manner.” The Selector is one of the first projects undertaken together as part of the joint venture founded in July 2017 between Scholz & Friends and POSSIBLE Germany.

“With Scholz & Friends POSSIBLE leading the way, we have succeeded in taking a quantum leap in terms of campaign approach. Close collaboration between the agencies and our marketing, product and sales teams has led to the creation of a modular 360-degree campaign that combines the best creativity and the best technology,” comments Tobias Gubitz, Director Brand Strategy & Marketing at Opel.

Carena Bongertz, Digital Transformation Director at Scholz & Friends adds: “After ‘Umparken im Kopf’ (U-turn in your head) successfully tore down the wall of prejudices against the Opel brand in people’s heads, the focus now is on supporting sales effectively via all channels. With the new campaign, we are devising the sales and marketing concepts from the beginning of a project through to its end at the same time.”

Plus, the design of the communication measures is just as stylish as the new special-edition models themselves: kept completely in black, white and yellow and with elaborate CGI scenes and light effects, they sometimes feel more like a music video than an ad. The Austrian microsite is already live at


CLIENT: Opel Automobile GmbH
Director Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications: Tobias Gubitz
Group Manager Brand Management, Strategy & Sponsoring: Giuseppe Fiordispina
Brand Manager Ampera-e, Corsa & Cross Carline: Nadine Ries

Chief Creative Officer: Niels Alzen
Executive Creative Director: Christian Fritsche
Creative Director: Alejo Molochnik
Senior Art Director: Matthias Rauber
Junior Art Director: Silja Wolters
Senior Copywriter: Arnulf Hahn

Account management
Chief International Officer: Dr Percy Smend
Client Service Directors: Kathrin Stelzer and Christopher Menzel
Account Director: Bernd Batke
Account Manager: Christian Jäschke
Project Manager: Lara Seyler

Carena Bongertz
Paula Cabanillas
Felix Popp

Film, radio, TV
Head of Production: Christoph Köhler
TV production: Katrin Habermann

International coordination
Damaris Kuzminski, Tiina Kousa, Ken Young, Sergio Ruiz
Film production: Markenfilm
Direction: AlexandLiane
Post-production for film: Infected

Implementation: MRM

Post-production for key visuals: 3DS

Lithography: Typodrom

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