Scholz & Friends makes the artistic energy of the Berliner Philharmoniker visible

Scholz & Friends makes the artistic energy of the Berliner Philharmoniker visible

Pure joy in playing visibly permeates the newly presented preview of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s 2020/21 season. The visual concept for this year’s imagery as developed by Scholz & Friends features heat sensor images of the instruments played by the ensemble’s musicians.

Berliner Philharmoniker, Saisonvorschau 20/21

The imagery concept of the Berliner Philharmoniker’s season preview, which is this year again from Scholz & Friends, showcases the combination of artistic power with physical energy. Be it a symphony, a string ensemble or a solo performance, though the powerful energy that enfolds between the musicians and their instruments is intuitively tangible to the audience, for traditional photographic media it is elusive. The energy produced in the making of music can, however, be made visible in a different way: together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM, Scholz & Friends and the Berliner Philharmoniker went looking for a different kind of photographic evidence. The extraordinary aesthetic of these heat sensor images opens up for viewers an entirely new perspective on the music itself. They give impressive visual evidence of the energy created in playing music and show where it is focused.

This year’s image concept is the newest iteration of a tradition of creative output from Scholz & Friends on behalf of the Berliner Philharmoniker which has been recognised by numerous international creative awards. Among others, the creation “ReArranged” was honoured with one gold and two silver Lions at Cannes and thus occupies place 17 on the Drum World Creative Rankings of most recognised campaigns of 2019.


Agency: Scholz & Friends

CCO/Managing Director: Matthias Spaetgens
Creative direction/art direction: Philipp Weber
Art direction: Sheryl Hartmann
Copy: Felix John
Account management: Yvonne Haupt
Film, radio, TV: Daniel Klessig
Photography, moving image, post-production: Heribert Schindler

Client: Berliner Philharmoniker

Natalie Schwarz, Head of Marketing
Kerstin Glasow, Director of Communications / Marketing / Sales

With technical support from the Fraunhofer Institute.

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