New brand slogan for Opel: „Die Zukunft gehört allen“

New brand slogan for Opel: „Die Zukunft gehört allen“

Eight years after the introduction of their slogan “Wir leben Autos” (We live cars), Opel is launching a new brand slogan for both national and international use. In the interim, the campaign topic from Scholz & Friends “Umparken im Kopf” (U-turn in your head) from 2014 played a key role in shaping public perception of the brand. With the new slogan from Scholz & Friends “Die Zukunft gehört allen” (The future is everyone’s), Opel is taking a clear stand and underlining that standard to which it holds itself: democratising future technologies and making innovation available to everyone.



The automotive industry today is facing more topics crucial to its future survival than at any other time since the invention of the Otto engine. The sector is currently deep in its most significant paradigm change to date: from petrol to electric, from hardware to software, from car to mobility. Automotive brands must confront this reality head on and stop thinking only in terms of PS and kilowatts.

With a corresponding promise of “Zukunftsinnovationen für Jedermann” (Innovation of the future for everyone), Opel wants to make a major contribution to creating a better mobility environment in the world of tomorrow that is accessible to all people. Opel Head of Marketing Tina Müller: “The new slogan ‘Die Zukunft gehört allen’ comes straight from Opel’s very soul. It is a vow, an attitude and a duty – and thus so much more than just a product promise. The brand is a pioneer in the democratisation of innovation. Right from the beginning, we made premium technology available to a wide range of buyers. The new slogan completes the line from Opel’s history to the brand’s future. That is our drive and what Opel stands for as a brand.”

The new slogan was developed by Scholz & Friends Chief Creative Officer Niels Alzen: “The slogan isn’t so much advertising, but attitude. On the one hand, ‘The future is everyone’s’ is a banner that could lead protests – in times when some people want to ensure that the future only belongs to a certain few. And on the other, it is also a promise: to make luxury-class technology available to everyone. Plus, as a brand positioning it had a strong inwardly directed impact as well. It provides greater meaning for everyone who works at Opel. From the paint specialist to the engineer.”

Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO of Scholz & Friends Group, adds: “‘Umparken im Kopf’ stood for a new way of thinking that overcame prejudices. ‘Die Zukunft gehört allen’ stands for the conviction that only together will we be able to win the future. Thus, the two slogans have one thing in common: they are the embodiment of an attitude that is larger than the brand and which goes far beyond the ‘automotive’ category.”

A look into the past and present provides the proof: Opel has always been a driver of progress and made innovations available to a broad swath of society. For instance, in 1909, with its “Doctor car” Opel was the the first car manufacturer to make cars affordable for and available to the masses. In 1924, Opel was the first German company to introduce assembly line production. And in 2016, the Ampera-E became the first electric car on the market with relevance for the wider public.

In addition to the brand slogan, this take-off into a new era is also marked by the Opel lightening bolt, whose modernisation was also definitively shaped by Scholz & Friends. With its circle as a symbol of mobility and the wheel and the lightening bolt as a symbol of energy and electricity, the new logo reflects the main pillars of the future of mobility. The reductionist 2D flat-design logo makes Opel immediately recognisable anywhere and everywhere: simple – direct – no detours.

The OPEL manifesto

We don’t know what the future holds.
But we know it can’t be the same as the past.
Everything has to change: our world, our cities, our lives.
To put an end to accidents, noise and emissions.
To make technology for a humane way of life.
For a planet we can be proud to pass on to our children.
It’s our aspiration that everyone can participate in this change.
Why should what is important for all only be accessible to a few?
We don’t always want to be the first.
But we always want to be the first to make the best accessible for everyone.
There’s no time to lose.
Because only these inventions that are available for all
will actually make the world a better place.





Chief Creative Officer: Niels Alzen
Executive Creative Directors: Christian Fritsche, Jonas Keller
Senior Art Director: Felix Umbach
Senior Copywriter: Johannes Milhoffer
Art Director Digital: Johannes Billey
Copywriters: Nicolas Egeler, Jennifer Liddell
Junior Art Directors: Matthias Walbroel, Silja Wolters, Philip Spengler

Account management
Chief International Officer: Dr Percy Smend
Client Service Director: Kathrin Stelzer
Client Service Director: Gero Quast
Management Supervisor: Meike Bösche
Account Director: Natalie Fuchs
Junior Account Manager: David Kampmann

Chief Executive Officer: Frank-Michael Schmidt
Strategy Directors: Carena Bongertz, Alexander Jordan
Strategy Consultant: Henning Schröder

Film, radio, TV
Head of Production: Christoph Köhler
TV Producer: Katrin Habermann

Art Buying
Head of Art Buying: Kerstin Mende