New Campaign for Milka: Let’s Make Easter Even More Tender

New Campaign for Milka: Let’s Make Easter Even More Tender

The WPP Allstars team, including Scholz & Friends, developed the emotional Easter campaign 2021 for Milka. The mission: making Easter more tender by bringing the magic of the egg hunt to everyone, including those who may be missing out. This is part of Milka’s goal to inspire millions of acts of tenderness across the world in 2021, by showing us how good tenderness ‘tastes’. 

Easter: A Time When Families and Loved Ones Come Together

Easter is a time when families and loved ones come together to share traditions such as an Easter Egg hunt and a delicious Milka Chocolate Bunny. But not everyone can enjoy these moments and some even miss out. Milka aims to shed a light on this issue with a heart-warming new TV ad ‘First Egg Hunt’ which tells the story of two children who set out to make Easter morning extra-special for their blind friend. Waking up excitedly, the children decide to create a different type of egg hunt tying string all around their garden onto Milka Chocolate Eggs & Bunnies for their friend to follow a special trail to find his favourite delicious Milka chocolates. This story aims to inspire people to act and make Easter even more tender.  

In order to sensitively and authentically portray the experience, Milka rightly cast a 10-year-old blind boy in the ad. Mindfully, the ad was developed in consultation with The German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted to ensure it accurately portrayed the story. 

For Sabrina Krumpa and Thomas Dempewolf, Managing Directors Scholz & Friends Hamburg, the Milka campaign is an affair of the heart: “Tenderness – for us its mindful, loving thought in gesture. No matter how small it may seem: it’s about being there for each other. With this campaign, our team, in creative interaction with the WPP Allstars team, created a strong statement for togetherness with subtlety.