A new Look for Scholz & Friends

A new Look for Scholz & Friends

Scholz & Friends presents new corporate design

As part of its new strategic orientation, Scholz & Friends is today officially presenting its new corporate design. In addition to a modern look and feel, the agency’s new logo sets new digital accents as well. The creative linking of all elements of the agency name within the logo enhances international recognisability of the Scholz & Friends brand and ensures a striking visual impression online.


All new, and yet familiar: to greet the coming spring season Scholz & Friends is presenting a new agency look. As part of its growth-oriented strategy of leveraging creativity, technology and internationality in accord, the agency group is strengthening its brands via a modern, contemporary corporate design.  

Frank-Michael Schmidt, CEO of Scholz & Friends Group, explains: “The core tasks of this new era for our agency group are to strengthen the Scholz & Friends brand, increase our international presence and develop new solutions for a digitalised world. The new corporate design is a visible symbol of this new strategic direction. The new S&F icon, which condenses the Scholz & Friends brand into a single, focused symbol, both strengthens its identity as well as the variability of how our brand is presented. On top of this: we are staying yellow, are staying different.”

S&F Übersicht Design Relaunch


Yellow will remain the colour at the heart of the Scholz & Friends corporate identity. To augment it, in addition to a new agency font, it is now supplemented by a new logo that truly packs a lot in. “The starting point for our new brand design was the question of how we can convey the core of our identity visually in the digital realm, too, while taking up as little space as possible,” Olivier Nowak, Head of Design at Scholz & Friends Identify, explains regarding the creative relaunch. Under his auspices, the design experts at Scholz & Friends Identify came up with a visual answer to this question: a monogram using the initials “S” and “F” against a yellow background that together create the “&” sign – and present Scholz & Friends as a symbol of connectedness and friendship. The new logo communicates a new dimension of branding power and is at the same time highly flexible. Looking literally through the icon, a world of different perspectives – be they of clients, of staff or of Scholz & Friends’ partners – opens up.

Matthias Spaetgens, Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Scholz & Friends Group, comments: “After nearly 20 years of only circumspect evolution, our corporate design is now being given a new, more striking face to the world.. In doing so, we are strengthening our agency brand – a brand which for almost four decades has stood for creative excellence. With the S&F icon we are creating for the first time a brand symbol that will be the quality seal for our agency’s entire creative output.”

Roll-out of the new corporate design will be carried out successively starting immediately across all touchpoints of Scholz & Friends Group.

CCO: Matthias Spaetgens

Head of Design: Olivier Nowak
Design: Regine Heite, Malte Preiss
Motion design: Jürgen Krugsperger, Christoph Henschel
Project management: Yvonne Haupt, Ellena Kronester

Production: Melanie Carels, Benito Schumacher

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