Scholz & Friends Experience

Litfaß-Platz 1 – 10178 Berlin
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Scholz & Friends Experience

Litfaß-Platz 1 – 10178 Berlin
+49 30 700186-0 –



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Scholz & Friends Experience is more than an event agency. This event conceptualisation unit thinks bigger and creates events that function as lighthouse projects and campaign events. With our expertise, brands can become something for people and the target group to experience and enjoy.

Scholz & Friends Experience develops holistic brand experiences through collaboration with a variety of teams from within the full-service agency as well as partners from the agency network. An event concept should offer more than a single event for a limited group of participants. With our in-house PR and digital expertise, events created together with Scholz & Friends Experience reach a much wider audience. By closely dovetailing our work with the agency’s film and content production units, we turn events into campaigns.

Scholz & Friends Experience takes care of concept development, planning and event management for product launches, brand flagship stores, brand experiences, PR events, conferences, conventions, trade shows, IPOs, road shows, exhibitions and much more. Remarkable experiences serve to embed core messages in the minds of the target group long term.

Creative event expertise for communication with stamina

The brand’s central theme is translated into an event staging that generates experience-oriented, multimedial and interactive integration for visitors. By creating events and brand experiences with high staying power, Scholz & Friends makes key campaign content something for people to experience live. Communicative stamina is the result.


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