Scholz & Friends Employer Branding

Litfaß-Platz 1
10178 Berlin
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Scholz & Friends Employer Branding

Litfaß-Platz 1
10178 Berlin
tel +49 30 700186-0
fax + 49 30 700186-599


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Scholz & Friends Employer Branding supports companies in responding to a central business challenge: finding and binding the right employees through building up an attractive employer brand.

With Scholz & Friends Employer Branding, the agency has positioned itself with its own dedicated unit of expertise to respond to one of the most important future issues facing German companies. Our team of experts – consisting of strategists, organisation consultants and digital specialists – supports your employer branding process all the way from the development of credible, differentiating and relevant employer value propositions as well as sustainable internal anchoring of the employer brand in the company right through to orchestrated communication presentation.

For the development of communication concepts and measures, we have access to the entire Orchestra of Ideas of Scholz & Friends and can thereby guarantee that your employer brand is presented in a way that allows it to stand out.

All this makes Scholz & Friends Employer Branding an unique proposition: strategy, creative development and implementation from a single source. Our approach is holistic and goal-oriented: we want to develop unique authentic employer brands that rest on the strengths and culture of the companies behind them, that inspire people and make them want to interact with the brands, that are lived and breathed by the brands’ employees and can be experienced by potential employees at all points of contact.

Scholz & Friends has demonstrated what constitutes successful employer branding with numerous projects for BCG, Siemens, Axel Springer, the skilled crafts and many more clients. It is this approach and work that has resulted in the agency managing to win over 50 awards in the area of employer branding, including the PR Report Award in 2015 for “Das Handwerk bringt dich überall hin” (With the skilled crafts, you can go anywhere) for the skilled crafts in Germany and the International German PR Award with “Silicon Valley” for Axel Springer.

With the Employer Strength Compass, a new digital feedback tool, developed by Scholz & Friends Employer Branding together with Stärkenkompass GmbH, employers’ strengths can be identified, thereby creating an important basis for the sound positioning of employer brands. Find out more about the tool here: Employer Strength Compass.

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