Scholz & Friends Reputation

Litfaß-Platz 1 - 10178 Berlin
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Scholz & Friends Reputation

Litfaß-Platz 1 - 10178 Berlin
+49 30 700186-0 -


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With our interdisciplinary team, we support you in integrating sustainability and responsibility into your operations on a sound basis as well as establishing achievable goals and communicating these in a professional and credible manner.

Scholz & Friends Reputation is a sustainability consultancy in Berlin. We offer a portfolio that supports companies in turning responsibility from a defensive issue loaded with risk into a platform with opportunities. This is the approach we take when advising our clients on establishing or further developing their CSR strategy. We provide tailor-made responses to issues surrounding requirements, possibilities and opportunities regarding sustainability reporting, always done with reference to international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the UN Global Compact and the EU’s reporting obligation. In the process, creative ideas can be executed within the Scholz & Friends orchestra. Strategically led stakeholder dialogue helps to identify the right areas of focus. This leads to lighthouse projects being developed on local, national and international levels with a high impact internally and externally.


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