Scholz & Friends Business

Im Zeisehof, Friedensallee 11 – 22765 Hamburg
+49 40 37681-0 –

Scholz & Friends Business

Im Zeisehof, Friedensallee 11 – 22765 Hamburg
+49 40 37681-0 –


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With Scholz & Friends Business, we offer clients a team of B2B specialists that can at any time access the wide range of professional expertise contained within the entire Scholz & Friends orchestra and the WPP network.

More and more SMEs are becoming international brands. They are faced with charging their complex technology with an emotional component more intensely than ever and telling stories with value added. To do so, they are looking for strategists, consultants and creatives who know how to “live” B2B with the same passion they have for B2C. Experts with entrepreneurial DNA, high creative standards and a smoothly functioning international B2B network.


Because today, B2B communication depends on the same success factors as B2C communication: anyone wanting to make a lasting impression on customers and boost sales needs powerful and, above all, creative ideas oriented towards the customer – ideas with the courage to simplify complex content and be creative in a relevant way.


With Scholz & Friends Business, we are taking up these new challenges because we see B2B communication as being entirely on a par with B2C communication. That is what the client has to feel with every promotional material, every idea and every presentation. Scholz & Friends Business is dedicating itself with all its passion to the subject of B2B communication. After all, B2B communication is directed at the exact same people who want to be reached at an emotional level.


A part of the international Scholz & Friends and WPP network, Scholz & Friends Business pairs our creative skills with well-founded expertise in the tools and idiosyncrasies of B2B communication. For instance, personified target groups play an even more central role here than in B2C communication – as does an in-depth understanding of complex products, services and distribution systems.



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