Cannes Lions 2019 – Best German Agency

Cannes Lions 2019 – Best German Agency

Nine Lions and the German Cannes crown for Scholz & Friends

Scholz & Friends secured the top position in a ranking of the best Germany agencies. With nine Lions plus 17 shortlist places and thus a total of 36 points, the agency finished the festival week leagues ahead of the pack. As a particular highlight, the agency’s The Tampon Booknabbed the first Grand Prix in the PR category for Germany in the history of the festival.

Matthias Spaetgens, Partner and CCO of Scholz & Friends: “The Cannes Lions are the undisputed world championship of advertising. Ranking as the best German agency this year is a fantastic result and a great way to follow on from our 2017 performance. We are especially pleased to have received the first PR Grand Prix for a German agency in the festival’s history. Our sincere thanks go out to our client and all the Friends and other contributors that made this success possible.”

Our winning entries at the 2019 Cannes Lions

1x Grand Prix for The Tampon Book (The Female Company) in PR / Other FMCG

1x Gold Lion for UmOrdnung (ReArranged) (Berliner Philharmoniker) in Industry Craft / Print & Publishing

1x Silver Lion for UmOrdnung (Berliner Philharmoniker) in Industry Craft / Brand & Communication Design

1x Silver Lion for UmOrdnung (Berliner Philharmoniker) in Print & Publishing / Leisure

1x Silver Lion for The TamponBook (The Female Company) in Design / Other FMCG

1x Silver Lion for The TamponBook (The Female Company) in PR / Challenger Brand

1x BronzeLion for The TamponBook (The Female Company) in Direct / Other FMCG

1x BronzeLion for The TamponBook (The Female Company) in Media / Other FMCG

1x BronzeLion for the Queerformat (Queer format) (Der Tagesspiegel) inDesign / Publications & Editorial Design


The Female Company: “The Tampon Book”

The Task: Caviar, Truffles and even oil paintings – in Germany many luxury goods are taxed with the reduced rate of only 7 percent while tampons and other female sanitary products attract the top value added tax rate of 19 percent. The so-called tampon tax provoked international protests in recent years and has already been abolished in countries like Canada and Kenya and even some US-States. However, in Germany, tampons are still taxed as luxury goods and politicians refused to act. The Female Company, an online shop, which sells organic female sanitary products wanted to take the lead in the feminist movement against the tampon tax.

The idea: We packaged tampons in a book and, thus, sold them with the lower tax rate of seven percent. In other words: We outsmarted the law with the law itself. But The Tampon Bookis much more than a smart packaging that hacked the German tax system. The Tampon Book contains 45 pages with bold illustrations and empowering stories about menstruation, taboo and feminism and promotes a petition which urges the German parliament to discuss the abolition of the tampon tax.

The solution: The first edition of the tampon book sold out in a day, the second edition in a week. We sent the book to 100 politicians and 100 influencers, many of whom shared our story on social media for absolutely free. Our trailer film on Youtube, Facebook and, most importantly, Instagram was viewed more than 10.5 million times – with a media budget of absolutely zero. Mainstream media, like Germany’s two largest TV Networks RTL and Pro7/Sat1 picked up the story, national newspapers like Berliner Zeitung and virtually every feminist blog in the German language reported on The Tampon Book. Within two weeks, the media pressure forced politicians from several oppositional parties to react and invite the founders of The Female Companyto join forces. Our petition got the necessary 150,000 signatures to urge the German parliament to discuss the abolition of the tampon tax.


Berliner Philharmoniker: “UmOrdnung” (ReArranged)


The task: In the summer of 2018, the Berliner Philharmoniker orchestra was faced with a challenge that was both artistic and commercial in nature. Between the departure of their principal conductor Sir Simon Rattle and the commencement of work with his successor Kirill Petrenko they had to cover an entire concert season without a principal conductor. How was this unusual season to be communicated to their discerning audience?

The idea: Take the vacancy behind the conductor’s stand as a creative opportunity. It then is not a source of anarchy or lack of direction; rather, it comes to represent new artistic freedom. We gave the change at the Philharmoniker a playful translation in the form of an artistic intervention under their own roof. Everything at the Berliner Philharmonie is rearranged.

The solution: Impressive sculptures, installations and spatial compositions are created from the house inventory. They are used on-site as temporary eye-catchers and form the visual umbrella for the entire season’s communication – from the preview to the concert posters and ads. They were thus able to give that unusual season an unmistakable face.


Tagesspiegel daily in #queerformat

Equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals is still not self-evident throughout Germany. For the Christopher Street Day pride celebration the middle-class daily DER TAGESSPIEGEL made a statement: published in #queerformat the regular edition for 28 July shone in rainbow colours.

With a little help from its readers, the title page itself became a participant in the event – as a flag, a poster, a sunshade – and thus even gained a spot in history: in the Schwules Museum for gay history and culture in Berlin.