We can do anything.
Except speak standard German

Advertising and image campaign for the state of Baden-Württemberg

We can do anything.
Except speak standard German

Baden-Württemberg can be found towards the top of European rankings for virtually everything, including economic power, education, research, quality of life, gastronomy and weather.
It’s just a shame hardly anyone knew. Before the campaign was launched, people’s perception of the state was dominated by preconceptions of it being provincial, reserved, full of workaholics, incapable of enjoyment and reliable yet compulsive.
In short, the state and its people were considered overambitious and unpleasant.
This led the state’s government to initiate the Baden-Württemberg advertising and image campaign. The people of Baden-Württemberg are successful quite simply because they are human.
An orchestrated campaign employing all channels and touchpoints.


“It’s nice here. But have you been to Baden-Württemberg?”

This inscription was employed by the advertising and image campaign on a Berlin bus serving the tourist route that takes in the German capital’s most important sights as well as numerous government and embassy buildings. The tourist bus was not the only means of transport to feature this inscription. 22 IC, EC and Interregio trains belonging to Deutsche Bahn did the same along with buses and suburban railway trains in Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich.

The advertising and image campaign implemented this form of advertising to eye-catching effect, presenting the state as pleasant and self-assured while doing so with a certain twinkle in the eye. Along with advertising on means of transport, the advertising and image campaign also used extensive banners in airport buildings, train stations and exhibition centres.


The campaign has surpassed its original advertising targets – it is by far the best-known and most popular state advertising in Germany:

  • An ad recall rate of 86% was achieved.
  • The state was ranked the most popular in Germany.
  • Every fourth resident in Germany knows the slogan “Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch.”
  • Awarded Effie in 2004 in the institutions category
  • Winner of numerous creative competitions