A creative social media campaign makes Wasa an inspiration for millions of fans


The Swedish brand Wasa is well known in Germany, standing for Swedish enjoyment and a wide variety of flavours. Wasa wanted to strategically expand on this positioning in social media and strengthen the brand’s image as an iconic Swedish food brand. The goal was to create a social media campaign that establishes Wasa products as “daily bread”, enhances the brand’s presence on the social web and boosts community involvement with the brand.


A hashtag to whet the appetite

To generate top-of-the-mind awareness, a clear leitmotif idea was needed to introduce the campaign. As a typically Swedish brand, Wasa stands for an active lifestyle, family friendliness, a love of nature and progressiveness. This idea was embraced and translated into a hashtag: #wasanderes (something different) is the impetus that makes you hungry for living life a little differently and doing things a little differently. Based around this hashtag, a digital concept was developed that actively embeds the brand in the digital community through unique promotions, thematically oriented content and special influencer drives.



Urban gardening with food and garden bloggers

In the first half of the campaign, the social media activities culminated in a content-driven event in Berlin where the winner of an Instagram contest could experience the on-trend topic of urban gardening live and in person in a workshop with food and garden bloggers. The event was disseminated on social media via the hashtag #UnserKräutermarkt (our herb market). The content event then functioned as the jumping off point for promotional content, which was subsequently published to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Following the successful urban gardening event in Berlin, a further content-driven event was arranged for the second half of the campaign and held in the town of Travemünde, on the Baltic Sea. The “Wasa picnic” event shared Wasa food trucks and a range of sport activities to 1,200 visitors. In the run up to the event, the residents of Travemünde were made aware of the family-friendly event through targeted ads.


Total of 22 million contacts during the campaign year

Via the hashtag #wasanderes, an ongoing brand presence was established on Facebook and Instagram, with inspiring content and added value forming the clear focus. Over the course of the campaign’s year-long run, a total of 22 million contacts were generated in the relevant target group. Moreover, shares on Wasa-owned channels jumped by a triple-digit percentage.