Shout Down Arms

Taking a stand against weapons trading with your own shout

Shout Down Arms

In South Sudan a merciless civil war has been raging since 2013, killing 50,000 people and driving out 3.2 million refugees. Industrialised nations have provided huge amounts of illegal weapons to the warring parties. 
Control Arms, the worldwide largest initiative against weapons trading, launched a petition in June 2015. Addressed to: the United Nations. The goal: a weapons embargo. And as many people as possible were needed to participate.

The idea: we show what each individual voice can effect for South Sudan. With its interactive tool, users’ own shouts could stop virtual tanks and soldiers. In real time.



An interactive tool to destroy virtual war machines

At the site, users could sign the petition, activate their microphone and make their voice heard – or rather shout it. Each person could see what impact their individual voice had as their shout was translated into a virtual “physical” sound wave that destroys tanks and other war machines. In real time. The shout sequence was incorporated into the campaign video so that every user could share their very own film and in doing so advertise the campaign.


A petition in the form of a sound file

In July, the petition was presented to the UN – as a sound file! The UN threatened to institute an embargo and in response the warring parties signed a peace treaty in late August. Each and every voice contributed to this achievement.