Runter vom Gas (Go easy on the pedal)

Successful content marketing for more road safety

Runter vom Gas (Go easy on the pedal)

Now in its ninth year of existence, the road safety campaign “Runter vom Gas” is still one of the best known campaigns in Germany – above all from the over 700 postered surfaces that appear on Germany’s motorways. However, since the BMVI, DVR and Scholz & Friends developed the initiative in 2008 the demands being made on communication geared towards the target group have changed. The current Autobahn campaign “Perspektiven der Betroffenheit” marks the transition from the campaign’s analogue origins to the digital age – and is attracting attention across Germany with emotional video reports.


Orchestrated communication for more road safety

“Every accidental death affects the lives of 113 people.” A serious road accident changes the lives of a great number of people, from family members to friends, colleagues and people involved with that person in a professional capacity. The three new poster motifs show mourning faces and concrete calls to action that stand for three of the most frequent causes of an accident. Multimedia reports showing five “perspectives of sadness” form the main digital emphasis of the campaign. The sensitive brief profiles show the consequences of a fatal road accident on relatives and those involved with the person professionally. The statistics on how many people are affected by an accidental death, which have been ascertained for the first time, add value to the message.



Using the public at large

Thanks to the integrated communication consisting of advertising, PR and content marketing, the latest instalment in the Autobahn campaign has attracted attention across Germany: via the posters, statistics and the moving fates of the five people affected have been reported on by nearly every national TV, print and online medium. The campaign and its impressive messages appear in over 700 print, online, TV and radio reports with a total reach of over 80 million contacts. Online, the content is viewed more than a million times on Facebook and attracts hundreds of thousands of additional website visitors.