Calculated provocation

Opel’s quantum leap: the new Astra flies high and annoys the luxury class


Break down preconceptions; rediscover Opel – that was the central message of Opel’s advertising campaign “Umparken im Kopf” from 2014. The first step has been taken and Opel’s core target group – the middle classes – have been won over. With the new Opel Astra, the challenge is now to demonstrate that status is not defined by symbols; rather, it is defined by attitude. Doing a U-turn in your head is therefore only the first step in an all-embracing revolution in the car industry.

An affront to elitist behaviour.

Rüsselsheim is not exactly known for grand style. The Opel Astra is likewise better known for functionality and pragmatism than for that extra something. The new Opel Astra changes that; its air-conditioned massaging seats, LED matrix headlights and integrated Wi-Fi are like gravel to the mudguards of the luxury segment. True to the concept of a “class war”, we show five films demonstrating why the Astra scores points in the luxury segment and why some simply lose it when it comes to talking about it.


Gaining market share through provocation and humour.

In the first film, the Opel Astra outdoes an armada of luxury models in front of an elite audience, which results in it taking off in the social-media channels. The following four films provoke viewers in a humorous way into a process of rethinking, turning standard patterns of behaviour on their head. This appealing way of making fun of a well-situated buyership brought us the title of agency of the year in the Automotive Brand Contest.


Calculated provocation

We certainly enjoyed making the five films – and we are of course especially pleased that the Automotive Brand Contest did not hesitate to declare us agency of the year for the Opel campaign (with which we “started a new chapter in automotive advertising”).

Doing a U-turn in your head simply never goes out of fashion!