otelo – “Schluss mit Entweder-Oder” (No more either/or)

No more either/or – otelo breaks with the conventions of mobile communications

otelo – “Schluss mit Entweder-Oder” (No more either/or)

For those who want it all – and want it to be attractive and good value

For the relaunch of otelo last year, a new brand experience was created that had a look and feel otherwise only found in high-priced lifestyle brands. From the corporate design to the brand language right through to all digital touchpoints, otelo was given a completely new design – and proved that brands with an entry-level price do not always have to be loud and trashy and can in fact be stylish and attractive.


No more either/or – otelo breaks with the conventions of mobile communications again

otelo is now setting itself up again communicatively to back up its claim to being the industry’s challenger. According to the motto “otelo macht Schluss mit Entweder-Oder” (No more either/or with otelo), otelo again breaks with the existing conventions of mobile communications, thereby heralding the beginning of a new era in telecommunications. Top performance, fairness and favourable prices – otelo remains the mobile-communications provider “for those who want it all”.


No compromises – at all contact points

In the new campaign, you see trendy metropolitans masterfully combining things that are seemingly impossible, such as sweet and salty or having a child and a career, and getting everything they want from life. The motifs are a demonstration of urban casualness and daring to be different in a familiar high-quality black-and-white look. otelo presents this style holistically using all channels – from TV via awareness and performance banners on high-profile and target-group-relevant websites right through to classic print ads.