Umparken im Kopf (U-turn in your head)

Opel makes a comeback with one of the most successful car campaigns of our time

Umparken im Kopf (U-turn in your head)

Conventional, petit bourgeois, unimaginative … that is how Opel was perceived at the beginning of the new millennium. Image approval rates and sales figures have been declining for decades; even positive product announcements hardly get through any more. There are countless preconceptions about Opel but there is barely an objective verdict. Circumstances that continue to slow the brand down.

How to free a stuck brand of preconceptions

Albert Einstein already knew back then that splitting an atom is easier than breaking down a preconception. However, that is precisely what is needed to get the brand steeped in tradition back on track. And because big challenges demand extraordinary solutions, we have made a virtue of necessity and courageously chosen to put the focus of a cross-media campaign on the subject of preconceptions.


According to the motto of doing a “U-turn in your head”, popular misconceptions start appearing in public spaces as eye-catching teasers. A start that generates curiosity – and is followed by a multistage orchestrated campaign that systematically leads people to have a rethink on a long-term basis – with sweeping success.


From the hard shoulder to the passing lane

The brand that was believed to already be dead is suddenly perceived as cool, of high quality and attractive again. The downward spiral is turned on its head: Opel takes over the title pages, reaches more than 20 m car drivers and gains market share for the first time again following 15 years of declining sales. The campaign becomes one of the most decorated and successful creations of all time – and “Umparken im Kopf” becomes a byword for intense change in societal awareness.