Floats above the rest: the Opel GT Concept.

A look inside the laboratory of the future

Floats above the rest: the Opel GT Concept.

Opel has done it. With “Umparken im Kopf” (U-turn in your head), the car manufacturer has arrived in the present and is perceived as a contemporary desirable brand. Now, the only thing left to do is assume pole position to play an active role in shaping the concept of the car. The visionary sports car study Opel GT Concept is an initial step in that direction. Our task is to generate as much curiosity as possible for the launch of the prototype at the Geneva Motor Show.


I spy with my little eye.

Social media allow the public to see that bit more of the world from our perspective. We use this proximity to focus our perspective for what is ahead. And who could possibly know more about that at Opel than CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann himself? In two short teasers exclusively available in the social networks, he himself provides a testimonial and allows us to gain a brief insight into what happens behind the scenes of the Rüsselsheim development department. Just enough to make users curious.


Nur Fliegen ist schöner. (Only flying is better.)

Influenced by the cult 1960s slogan “Nur Fliegen ist schöner”, a TV ad was created that sees the sports convertible take off and places the focus on the supernatural attraction of the car study. A complete success that was mirrored in the extensive reporting surrounding its unveiling at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.