Lang ersehnt. Fairly advised. Wahr gemacht. (Long desired. Fairly advised. Reality made.)

easyCredit has a real feel for fulfilling both small and big dreams.


A father who knows his daughter so well that he can tell what she secretly wants simply by the way she behaves despite not having said a word? And who, above all, knows what is needed and how to make these a reality? This is the sort of modern fairy tale told in the ad we realised for the launch of our campaign for easyCredit, the pioneer when it comes to such things as instalment credit.

In the know where to go

Having a natural sense of rhythm as well as a preference for time and reaching the right conclusions is one thing. What makes our dad in the advert so special is his uncomplicated nature. That he can immediately think of ways to make outstanding moments a reality. And that he then takes the simplest and most direct route: using the easyCredit contact point instalment calculator and branch finder.


Making extraordinary moments a reality.

At the end, you see an unforgettable moment that touches you emotionally: the happy end of a story of longing that unexpectedly comes true. A moment between surprise, bewilderment and pure joy.

The text trio of “Lang ersehnt. Fair beraten. Wahr gemacht.” goes on to mark the easyCredit stations consistently up to the extraordinary moment and is carried through all media like a red thread.


Implemented successfully

The campaign’s storytelling sets standards in the instalment credit market and is now considered a benchmark. The TV ad achieved recall rates way above the average and was seen over 2,950,000 times online – a success that confirms the route taken and rewards the courage to take new communicative approaches in the financial sector – from the ratio to emotion.