Discover the Magic of Craft

A handmade miniature world gives a glimpse into the workshops of Montblanc

Discover the Magic of Craft

Montblanc is a brand with a long tradition, highest demands on craftsmanship and discerning design standards. Its brand philosophy is built on the tenets of style, craftsmanship and quality. Together, these form the foundation of a long tradition handed on from generation to generation.

“Made by hand. Given by the heart.”

For the international winter and new year’s campaign, we created a completely handmade world full of loving detail. It brought to life an extraordinary glimpse into a romanticised version of the brand’s world, by virtue of its very creation method firmly rooted in the Montblanc craftsmanship philosophy: “Made by hand. Given by the heart.”

Via an own microsite, visitors could delve in and interactively explore the world of Montblanc. The site provided a look at the brand’s portfolio as well as behind the scenes of the “Magic of Craft” production