Intense moments

The Swiss fashion house Charles Vögele transforms its image

Intense moments

Old-fashioned, barely identification potential, not very stylish and a range lacking in clear definition – these were the challenges faced by the Swiss house steeped in tradition, Charles Vögele. To tackle these problems, an orchestrated team of fashion and retail marketing specialists from Scholz & Friends Zurich and Scholz & Friends NeuMarkt together developed an international umbrella campaign that leverages the company’s Swissness as a unique aspect and shifts the focus to special moments in life.

Moments by Charles Vögele.

Special moments provide the backdrop for the campaign – together with a clearly recognisable design and system of copy and images that always links the emotional experience to a concrete product benefit. Executed 360° in magazines and on TV, through ads, posters, mailings and radio ads, online and through extensive POS measures, the international communication (in nine languages) managed to transform the brand’s image and appeal to a significantly younger target group in addition to its existing customers.


Meine Freiheit, meine flexibelle. (My freedom, my flexibelle.)

The striking system is continued in phase II of the campaign, which shifts the focus from the image to product communication and selected key products. According to the main statement “Meine Freiheit – meine flexibelle” (My freedom – my flexibelle), we advertise, for example, via print and TV a pair of ladies’ trousers that combines figure-shaping properties with the highest level of comfort. Spread over the course of the year, solutions for further lighthouse projects follow.

An excellent result

Today, Charles Vögele is an open modern fashion house with a significantly expanded target group, strengthened fashion expertise and unmistakable typography. A success that not only pleases us but has also been acknowledged externally with the German Brand Award for 2016. We certainly look forward to more successful and unforgettable “moments” with our client Charles Vögele!