ADC 2019: 27 nails and 3rd place in overall ranking

ADC 2019: 27 nails and 3rd place in overall ranking

With a total of 4x gold, 7x silver, 16x bronze and 22 honourable mentions, Scholz & Friends achieved third place in the overall ADC 2019 ranking.

One of the agency’s most successful campaigns at the ADC was its “UmOrdnung” (ReArranged) campaign for the Berliner Philharmoniker. Garnering 3x gold and 9x silver, it placed second as one of the most-recognised campaigns of 2019.

Matthias Spaetgens, Partner and CCO of Scholz & Friends Group, comments: “Being able to take a spot on the winners’ podium at this year’s ADC is a great success. The awards received for our work for 11 different clients clearly evidence how Scholz & Friends produces a broad range of extraordinary creative output. Big thanks go to all the Friends and clients who helped make this achievement possible.”

Below we have put together a short summary of all the campaigns that took home awards at ADC:


Berliner Philharmoniker: “UmOrdnung” (ReArranged)

The task: In the summer of 2018, the Berliner Philharmoniker orchestra was faced with a challenge that was both artistic and commercial in nature. Between the departure of their principal conductor Sir Simon Rattle and the commencement of work with his successor Kirill Petrenko they had to cover an entire concert season without a principal conductor. How was this unusual season to be communicated to their discerning audience?

The idea: Take the vacancy behind the conductor’s stand as a creative opportunity. It then is not a source of anarchy or lack of direction; rather, it comes to represent new artistic freedom. We gave the change at the Philharmoniker a playful translation in the form of an artistic intervention under their own roof. Everything at the Berliner Philharmonie is rearranged.

The solution: Impressive sculptures, installations and spatial compositions are created from the house inventory. They are used on-site as temporary eye-catchers and form the visual umbrella for the entire season’s communication – from the preview to the concert posters and ads. They were thus able to give that unusual season an unmistakable face.


Der Tagesspiegel: “Trump365”

The task: Develop a communication measure to mark the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump taking office that also does justice to the quality journalism of the Tagesspiegelnewspaper.

The idea: Create an attention-grabbing archive that offers Tagesspiegelreaders access to all the facts of the past year.

The solution: – a monument to the facts. An interactive statue in which facts and the fake are brought face-to-face. Trump365 is a handmade bust created from all the related Tagesspiegelarticles published in the first year of the Donald Trump presidency. Using a complex digitalisation method, the statue was transformed into an index with which visitors to the website could navigate the entire Tagesspiegelarchive. Every piece from the newspaper that was incorporated into the statute was linked to its corresponding article on


Tagesspiegel daily in #queerformat

Friends sitzen im Atrium der Agentur und lesen die Sonderasugabe #queerformat des Tagesspiegels anlässlich des CSDs, queerformat

Equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals is still not self-evident throughout Germany. For the Christopher Street Day pride celebration the middle-class daily DER TAGESPIEGELmade a statement: published in #queerformat the regular edition for 28 July shone in rainbow colours.

With a little help from its readers, the title page itself became a participant in the event – as a flag, a poster, a sunshade – and thus even gained a spot in history: in the Schwules Museum for gay history and culture in Berlin.


Porsche: extraordinary, down to earth.

The task: Porsche receives 150,000 applications a year and regularly places in the top ranks of employer ratings. On the flip side, however, applicants often only associate their brand as an employer with prestige and financial success. This view does not do justice to the family corporate culture of the Swabian car company. Yet, for many who are entering today’s job market, that is exactly what they are looking for.

The idea: Porsche banks on the attractiveness of authenticity and does without overjoyed employees in idealised work situations. Honest and unvarnished, the campaign shows the “we” feeling so unique to Porsche. Its message to applicants is that even as a manufacturer of premium sports cars, when it comes right down to it, Porsche people are just, well, people too.

The solution: Using a documentary style we show various locations of everyday business at Porsche. The campaign highlights honesty rather than presentation and shows real employees in real work situations instead of models. The text elements of the campaign also succinctly convey the way people at Porsche work and the Porsche culture with a no-fancy-stuff relaxed attitude. In addition to extensive online measures on its own sites, Porsche also employed print and large-scale OOH measures in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart among others. Short making-of clips gave the protagonists a chance to talk in their own words and accompanied the campaign on social media.


F.A.Z.: “Dahinter steckt immer ein kluger Kopf” (Always a clever mind behind it)

Das Fotomotiv zur Kampagne zeigt den Hirnforscher Prof. Dr. Dr. Singer unter einer Elektroden-Haube mit aufgeschlagener F.A.Z.-Zeitung

The task: Changing reading habits, in particular among younger readers, and competition from the Internet have for some time now been resulting in declining readership numbers in the daily-newspaper segment. The aim of the campaign is thus to give the traditional F.A.Z.newspaper a more modern and younger image and thereby strengthen the brand of one of the world’s top newspapers.

The idea: Since its foundation, the F.A.Z.has always marketed itself through its most important asset: its readers. Today’s “clever mind” signetwas created over 20 years ago alongside the slogan “Dahinter steckt immer ein kluger Kopf” (Always a clever mind behind it), which had existed since the 1950s.

The solution: So far, over 90 eminent people from politics, business, cultural affairs and sport have been portrayed as the “clever mind” behind a copy of the a setting characteristic for them as well as often highly personal. True to the slogan, their face is hidden behind the paper. In the current motif, we move the slogan in an experimental direction and look inside the brain of Germany’s most famous brain researcher. Wolf Singer, director emeritus of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, has his brain waves tracked via electroencephalography while reading the newspaper and explains in a video interview what happens in the heads of people when they read.


IWC: “The Road Less Traveled”

The Road Less Traveled

The task: Develop a digital campaign for the new IWC brand ambassador Bradley Cooper to market the IWC Big Pilot’s Watch, “Le Petit Prince” Edition.

The idea: Generally, for a luxury goods testimonial campaign, you expect to see a photo shoot and perhaps some moving image content. We wanted to go beyond this expectation and make the classic online ad interactive by expanding it through a 360° film. Taking our cues from the core of the IWC brand of “technological innovation”, we wanted to create an interactive experience that was unique but also accessible to all.

The solution: We developed a show for Google’s VR portal, Google Spotlight Stories. Together with the team in Mountain View, we created the first interactive live-action film for Google Spotlight Stories and the worldwide first interactive VR film with a Hollywood cast. Users were given the opportunity to go on a trip through the Mojave Desert together with Bradley Cooper – and to determine the events and continuation of the story themselves – in a 360° view and without needing any complicated hardware. All they needed was their smartphone and the Google Spotlight Stories app.


toom own brand: “Test”

The task: The DIY chain toom had a problem: their own-brand range of products encompassed some 14,000 articles, but no one knew how good they were. Although countless independent quality seals had certified that toom own-brand products fulfilled the highest quality standards, it was our campaign that truly proved it.

The idea: Before a product makes it on to the shelf, it is tested in every way imaginable – and probably in a few ways you really never imagined – far beyond any standard requirements. To show this we took a deep dive into the strange world of German testing institutes.

The solution: Under the slogan of “Wir haben’s getestet, damit du es nicht musst.” (We’ve put it to the test. So that you don’t have to.) we show how relentlessly and meticulously the toom own-brand products are tested. The films of our campaign are themselves as if they were tested by the testing institute as well: acting as dry as can be, camera ruthless and plenty of silence and concentration. In so doing, we proved how loud “quiet” can be and how tested quality can be given attention-grabbing presentation precisely through its very lack of excitement.


Toppits Zipper: “Bœuf bourguignon”

The task: Responsible handling of food is an important topic these days for Germans. Many Toppits products, and in particular the Zipper bags, are ideally suited for helping to both avoid food waste and go easy on the household budget. Because what they do really well is keep food fresh.

The task was to use creative communication to leverage the radio medium, as it is especially well suited to the topic and to reaching households of all kinds.

The idea: Show how fresh meals are via their acoustics – i.e. via the clarity of the sound!

The solution: The Zipper radio concept is as simple as a campaign can be. All of the ads function according to the same principle: a voice speaks the name of a well-known dish (e.g. “bœuf bourguignon”) followed by the sound of a Zipper bag. Then we hear the same words again, but muffled as if from the inside of the bag. The Zipper bag sound comes again, and now the words are as clear and “fresh” as before. The message: “Keep things fresh – Zipper bags from Toppits!”

Aussteigerprogramm Sachsen: “The man who changed”

Aussteigerprogramm Sachsen, Siegestor, The Man Who Changed, ADC

The task: The topic of right-wing radicalism and xenophobia is more current than ever. Throughout Germany, but particularly in Saxony, new trends towards organisation are being observed, in part due to prejudice-reinforcing algorithms in social media. In addition to prevention and education, it is important to reach young people who have joined a right-wing group and “bring them back”. The organisation Aussteigerprogramm Sachsen (Exit Programme Saxony) wanted intelligent communication to help them do this.

The idea: The basic idea is that if people can over time turn toward the negative and the undemocratic, should it not also be possible to do the reverse? The campaign “The man who changed” shows a radical, but amazing comparison.

The solution: Was Adolf Hitler born a murderer? Or was he, before his hatred led the world over the cliff, an intellectual who as a young man always wished to express himself through his painting? We compare images by Hilter that show the Siegestor (Victory Gate) in Munich with images taken from the same perspective of the post-war ruins.


car2go: The #OurCar project

car2go, the OurCar Project

The task: car2go is the world’s largest car-sharing service. Over three million members in 26 cities use its vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and smart. However, it was missing one key thing: a true sense of community. This feeling is essential not only for creating an emotional bond with a brand, but also in aiding quality of service. For, without a sense of community, the members have little incentive to treat the cars well and keep them clean for the next driver. So how do you change that?

The idea: Through a community meet-up of a different kind.

The solution: We took a look at selected booking data for car2go vehicles in all 26 cities and invited those people who had shared and driven the same car over the past seven days to come together and meet one another. We brought together thousands of car2go members. All based on their booking data. The people met, connected and created a community. Since the start of our #OurCar project, car2go has gained 900,000 members.


Mercedes-Benz: “Tatüta da”

Mercedes, Tatüta da

How do you convey that the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulance is the fastest series-standard ambulance in the world?

With an unmistakable headline: “Tatüta da!”


Opel: “Is Parking Art?”

Opel, is Parking Art?

The task: Opel offers modern technology at a small price. Many Opel vehicles even offer a technologically cutting-edge parking assistant. The task was to remind potential customers of exactly this in an entertaining way.

The idea/solution: It didn’t take the Internet and its thousands of home videos to make these clips a real classic: minute after minute, drivers trying their best to manoeuvre their cars into their chosen spots. The absurdities of this endless back-and-forth for every millimetre – with the right inclination, an especially amused viewer could even consider them a form of performance art. So that’s exactly what we did! We simply reinterpreted tyre tracks, taking them from the sad proof of doomed parking attempts to modern abstract art – best seen from a bird’s eye view. The type of art only an Opel parking assistant can help you make!


Der Tagesspiegel: “Mehr als Trump” (More than Trump)

Tagesspiegel, Mehr als Trump, Theresa May

The task: The breadth of topics and opinions that is the foundation of classical journalism is threatened by the formation of filter bubbles and populists striving to push exclusively their agenda and their opinion on a topic. As the most important pan-regional daily newspaper from Berlin covering a wide variety of topics from politics, business, science and culture, the Tagesspiegelhas positioned itself as a bastion against this dangerous oversimplification with a clear statement of support for the freedom of the press and quality journalism.

The idea: The most prominent symbol of both populism and digital filter bubbles is the current US president, Donald Trump. His statements and announcements dominate the news and he allows for no other truth than his own. Who better to function as a chilling example of why balanced and wide-ranging quality journalism is so important today?

The solution: We visualise the way Trump dominates the headlines and covers up any other topics with a simple, but attention-grabbing idea. Key personalities from the current news cycle are given Trump’s highly characteristic face.


toom: performance campaign

toom, Leistungskampange, Torffreie Erde, ADC

The task: The task was to present the numerous, but unknown performance characteristics toom offers in a series of attention-grabbing ads.

The idea: What does a DIY store have to do with human rights and climate protection and why on earth are they forgoing millions in sales? These are exactly the kind of questions that grab readers’ attention in the toom performance campaign.

The solution: With tongue-in-cheek yet informative texts, toom presents some heretofore unknown facets of its actions and in doing so sets itself apart from the communication of its competitors.

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