A quiet Christmas film für Germany’s nursing professionals

A quiet Christmas film für Germany’s nursing professionals

Nursing is more than just a job – this is the main message of the emotional short film from the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) in the run-up to Christmas. The film can be viewed online starting immediately and will be running in cinemas for several weeks. It is the first component in a campaign by Scholz & Friends Berlin on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health communicating the value of the nursing professions. It comes against the backdrop of the Federal Act to Enhance Staffing in Nursing Care, which is coming into effect as of 1 January 2019, and aims to make nursing more attractive as a professional field in Germany.

The short film of some two and a half minutes tells the story of an old man and his young care giver, whose small gesture of kindness just before Christmas puts a smile on his face. For this “Christmas spot” of quiet voices, Scholz & Friends succeeded in putting together a team of renowned artistic talent in just a short time. Silver screen director Alain Gsponer (“Lila, lila” and “Heidi”, among others) brought two generations of actors before his camera: the theatre and TV actor Horst Westphal (89, among others “Wolke 9” by Andreas Dresen) and actress Laura Berlin (28).

Oliver Handlos, Managing Director Creative at Scholz & Friends, comments: “We wanted to create a film that drew the work of nursing professionals into public awareness without resorting to kitsch or false pathos. This ‘Christmas spot’ isn’t selling anything, just simply touching people with the high relevance of its topic.”

“For the Federal Ministry of Health, it is important to raise the appreciation for and attractiveness of this profession,” explains Dr Daniel Völker, Managing Director of Scholz & Friends Agenda. “In conversations with nursing professionals what we heard again and again is that it is the small moments in particular that give meaning and motivate them, so we made this our campaign’s core message.”

Laura Berlin plays the young care giver who in the days just before Christmas notices the little things and an old man’s wistfulness. To prepare for her role she shadowed a nurse and was pleased to be able to be a contributor in raising awareness for nursing: “I would say it’s definitely a very hard job to do, but also a very rewarding one.  Because what you give is returned two-fold.”

The film “Mehr als ein Beruf” (More than just a job) will be the opening act in a communication campaign on behalf of the BMG. It and its making-of film can be viewed via the Ministry’s website, www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de, as well as on YouTube, social media and in cinemas. Complementary print and digital ads provide information from the Ministry about new developments in the field of nursing as well as plans for 2019.



“Mehr als ein Beruf” for the Federal Ministry of Health (December 2018)

Managing Director: Stefan Wegner
Creative: Oliver Handlos (Managing Director Creative), Dr Daniel Völker
Account management: Dr Daniel Völker, Birgit Hackl, Joana Bosse
Film, radio, TV: Agostino de Martino, Kristin Ammon, David Voss

Actors: Laura Berlin, Horst Westphal
Director: Alain Gsponer
Camera: Kristian Leschner
Cut: Hannes Andresen
Music: YouGuys Music (Fritz Rating, Niels Zuiderhoek, Simon Gitsels)
Production: Soup Film, Ada Zuiderhoek, Kerstin von Kieseritzky, Sylvie Knetsch
Post-production: Paul Schwabe Digital Production, Studio Funk Berlin

Creative, ads: Michael Winterhagen (CD), Amadeus Fronk (AD), Sheryl Ann Hartmann
Photo: Tino Pohlmann
Digital photo editing: Sascha Kopatsch

Making of: Emmy Zimmermann, Alexander Zimmermann

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