A Man of the Future – Born of a Dream II

A Man of the Future – Born of a Dream II

In July 2020, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen released the first part of the elaborate short film project “Born of a Dream”. In “A Boy From San Mateo,” US football legend and IWC brand ambassador Tom Brady’s aspirations were portrayed in a cinematic short film.   

Part 2 – “A Man of the Future” is about the life of IWC founder F.A. Jones, played by Hollywood actor James Marsden.    

Anyone who has seen the first part of the series will immediately notice that the characters Brady and Jones have much in common, even beyond the coincidence that Boston, which is the linchpin of both stories, is a city firmly anchored in both their lives.  

In addition to the two new films, an interactive and informative content campaign was created, which allows us to dive even deeper into the stories and dreams of Jones and Brady. A lavish web of special features has over 30 minutes of additional interview content with Tom Brady as well as a detailed history of the life’s work of IWC founder F.A. Jones, compiled by the curator of the IWC Museum, Dr. David Seyffer.    

The films and the web special are exclusively available via IWC.com.